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Home Dr. Saleem Humaid: The UAE Culture Industry

Dr. Saleem Humaid: The UAE Culture Industry

Dr. Salem Humaid: Addressing The Gap In The Culture Industry in the UAE (Notably Dubai)



The question that paved the way for this research is simple yet quintessentially important to Dubai's future identity- How to address effectively the gap in the Arts and Culture in UAE and specifically in Dubai a city that has prospered so well economically and financially in recent decades but is considered rather transitory in essence. Therefore, my focus is on those activities and events relating to literature, the visual arts, music, theatres and film “ all reflecting the cultural lead Dubai has in these spheres and with a fine and integrated mesh of culture diversity.

The research is the first of its kind and therefore some limitations need to be established.

Specifically, I would like to focus on the recognized strengths and weaknesses of the current management of cultural activities and policies and also on the advantages and disadvantaged and the opportunities available. Consequently in this thesis, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as History, Politics, Geo-politics, Climate, People, Ethnicity, Religion and other aspects that constitute the cultural life of the Emirates.

The UAE & Dubai are rich blend of tradition and modernity reflected in its various libraries, art galleries, theatres, museums. It uniquely possesses the infrastructure needed to support the cultural version of its leadership. As the Emirate of Dubai increasingly assumes a greater cosmopolitan character, its emergence as the cultural hub of the region is absalutly vital for us to be able take pride in what is essentially the cultural identity of this region and which is uniquely its own- our own.

No study so far has been undertaken that analyses the current situation, the problems and opportunities that Dubai faces in terms of its cultural management, and ways to enhance Dubai's undoubted leadership in cultural matters. My own work over many years with the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority has convinced me that such a study is vital clarification and it is m y hope that the work presented in this thesis will contribute to the clarification of the current situation and indicate useful and appropriate directions to proceed in the future in terms of cultural management in Dubai.

About the Author


Dr. Salem Humaid is a UAE national, born in 1974 in Dubai. Since 2004 he has worked in the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Government of Dubai) as a Senior Manager in the Cultural Affairs Department and is the Head of Research within the Authority. He has contributed numerous ideas and provided strategic direction to stimulate cultural activities in Dubai and the UAE.

A writer and an academic researcher in cultural and antropological studies, he has published a number of books in Arabic and English, and is also a columnist, writing for UAE newspapers and periodicals. He is a graduate of the University of Wales (Lampeter) in the UK with a PhD in Philosophy.